Jessy Giordano


My name is Jessy Giordano. I am a Soccer coach and trainer out of Oakland, NJ. I have lived in Oakland my entire life, and still do. I had a really great soccer experience growing up, I won 3 state championships and won a lot of awards along the way. I played four years in college and a little semi pro afterwards but I didn’t end up playing at the level I would have liked. I knew If I couldn’t play for a living I wanted to teach soccer for a living. J.GIO TRAINING started at a turning point in my life. I was coaching for 10 years when I decided it was time to branch out and do my own thing. I started off just private training and from there I began to get a very big following. I was training 10 hour days non stop and I truly loved it. As tired as I was I loved and cared so much about every kid I trained that no matter what I would not turn anyone down. Whether I wasn’t feeling well or it was raining, snowing or 100 degrees out if they wanted to train I was not canceling. I never really thought of soccer training as a job because I loved it so much. Little did I know all that hard work would pay off. As I grew bigger I began turning my privates into groups by age and skill level and soon enough I had a big enough following to actually start my own club. I currently have 2 full time teams and a bunch of off season teams (summer and winter). I am enjoying every moment of what I do, I am learning a lot along the way and meeting some amazing new players and trainers.

J.GIO SOCCER is a high level club that plays in the EDP league. My club is very different than any other club for a few reasons. Its very small and its very personable. It is just me running the show and I am very particular about who I bring in. I look at skill of course but I also look at personality, drive, work ethic, attitude, passion ect.. To be a good team you need a good moral and I am very big on that. I want it to be like a family and I want everyone to have a really good experience. I am intense at times, but its tough love. I want them to be pushed to be the best athletes they can be physically and mentally, and the ones that live for the sport as much as I do feed off of it. I will train anyone at any level but to be on my actual teams takes a lot of work - And with hard work comes a lot of fun. I am always looking for new tournaments and experiences for them to have.

When I look back on my youth soccer career I wish I had someone in my life like me that would believe in me and push me to be the best, and thats what makes me love what I do so much. I have the most rewarding job in the world and I love every minute of it.